Camcorder Capture



Video camera: Canon Vixia HF R400 Full HD Camcorder (with a SDHC Memory Card, Class 10)

Microphone: Pearstone OLM-10 or Audio Technica ATR-3350 (wired) Lavalier Microphone

Headphones: Sennheiser HD 202-II Closed-Back On-Ear Stereo Headphones

Tripod: Velbon CX-300



The above camera model we recommend has a microphone input and a headphones input so that you can monitor the quality of sound. Whichever camera you decide to purchase we stress that you select a camera that has both headphone output and a microphone input so that you can capture good sound and be able to monitor it for whatever mode you are working in. Whenever there is any kind of dialogue, a voice over, interview, conversation, good sound is critical to your video's watchability.

move around the space you are recording in, zoom in and out, take your time to find a good spot and the right angle(s) for documenting or interviewing your subject. This type of camera is very flexible because of the zoom and many have image stabilization that enables you to more easily use them handheld. They are great for capturing handheld projects such as tours of labs, object examination when you are moving around an object or artwork. moving around and installation, or capturing the process of an installation. These cameras enable you to capture longer processes (they can record for ours of time depending on the size of your memory card) and are also great when you want to be able to zoom in on details of a process as you are shooting. 

The iPhone allows very little zooming (and requires a special app to do so while you are shooting)

DSLR cameras require a zoom lens to be able to zoom in, but these are large and heavy and consquently very challenging to zoom while recording.


How to record multiple people speaking

As one is able to with the ipod package, you can also add on a splitter to input an additional lavaliere microphone. This enables you to capture a conversation between two people or better capture the interviewers voice so that you can hear the questions being asked.